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Husband. Father. Poet. Philosopher. Cybersecurity professional. Engineer. Geek. Photographer. Amateur astronomer.

I was born and raised in South Africa but now live permanently in the Netherlands, where I work for a Fortune Global 500 company specialising in IT and management consulting services. By day I specialise in cybersecurity and cyber defence. By night, I spend time with my family before peering into the Universe to explore and photograph deep-sky objects with my telescope. My family and the vast Cosmos help to remind me of my proper place in nature and the importance and insignificance of things.

Before moving to the Netherlands, I lived in Southern California for 11 years, working and studying degrees in Business Administration and Management Information Systems. After high school in South Africa, I studied Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. All this taught me that everything changes constantly and that I am a lifelong learner both by necessity and temperament.

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